TinCaps on the Clock – Tyler Selesky

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Tyler Selesky joins us for TinCaps on the Clock.

Favorite cut of steak? Ribeye
Best beach in America? Clearwater Beach
Favorite NCAA Cindarella Story? FGCU
Craziest food you’ve ever tried? Gator tail
Disney Land or Disney World? Disney World
Apple or orange juice? Orange
Nike or Under Armour? Nike
Favorite MLB park? Wrigley Field
Would you rather climb a mountain or run a marathon? Climb a mountain
Hot or cold weather? Hot
What do you put on an ice cream sundae? Chocolate syrup only
Who’s the team handy man? Pete Van Gansen
Favorite type of apple? Red
Which former President would you want to have dinner with? George W. Bush
Chocolate or Vanilla cake? Chocolate?
Favorite flavor Coke? Cherry Coke

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