Website helps teachers get money for supplies

HUNTINGTON, Ind. (WANE) – School has started but some teachers still have their eyes on certain supplies for their classrooms, things other than what their budget allowed. So some are using a website where public school teachers can try to get donations for those items.

Teachers at Lincoln Elementary are no strangers to this. It’s called “It’s amazing. It’s really awesome just to have people care enough about education, about public education, to come on and say yes we value what you’re doing, we know we want to help support you in that way,” second grade teacher Mandy Stephenson said. Stephenson is somewhat of a Donors expert. She’s had more than $2,600 donated. “I’ve had six project funded in the last four years, I guess, so I’m not a guru I’m just resilient,” she said.

Teachers post what they want and the cost. Then donors from all over the world give money. Stephenson even got some from Bill Gates. Down the hall, 4th grade teacher Rebecca Livingston is hoping she can get comfortable seating for her classroom. It’s her first Donor project. “I’m excited to have a project up and to have 5 donors already and crossing my fingers to get funded,” she said.

Stephanie Verbryck hopes she can get new books for her third graders. Something she thinks could last a long time. “It provides these students with opportunities and a book to maybe travel some place they wouldn’t get to in everyday life.” Whatever the project is, it helps a teacher out. And to them, it means more than you might think. “It’s a feeling of solidarity, that people are in this together, that we’re all in it together to work,” Stephenson said.

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