Wild on WANE: Australian Birds

The Land Down Under is home to many species of birds. And you’ll find some of the most interesting and colorful in the new Australian Adventure aviary.

In Australia, these birds would be in their own flock, but they would be coming to common watering holes. They would also be eating and fruits and berries from the same area.

Chances are, you’ll spot the rainbow lorikeets during your visit. Not only are they visually colorful, they also have colorful personalities. These birds are very curious and territorial. Rainbow lorikeets are actually considered pests in Australia because they can pretty much inhabit any area take over – displacing other birds, like the blue-faced honey eater.


The birds are fed 3 times a day. Most eat fruit, veggies, pellets, and mealworms. Some, like the cattle egrets and straw-necked ibis eat meat. The masked lapwings also get some fish.

Outside the aviary, but still in the Australian Adventure are two rose-breasted galahs. Named Orville and Wilbur, these beautiful birds are brand new to the zoo. They have a long lifespan – and can actually live up to 80 years in captivity if their diets are regulated.

Watch the video above to see how many species you can spot – or see them for yourselves at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo this summer!

Wild on WANE airs each Thursday on First News and First At 5, and each weekend on First News Saturday.


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