FWCS down nearly 45 teachers ahead of first day

FORT WAYNE, Ind (WANE) – More than 40 certified teacher roles are still open at Fort Wayne Community Schools, and kids head back to class on Monday. However, that number may be lower once Monday morning comes around.

“We are hiring as of today, and we’ll be in here this weekend trying to get people cleared,” FWCS Director of Human Resources Kathy Carr said.

Already more than 20 positions have been filled since the end of last school year.

“Actually this year is much better than several other years,” Carr said. “We’ve been actually able to fill a significant number of positions this year.”

It’s only been in the last couple years Portage Middle School Principal Mike Christner has been scrambling to fill positions days before the school year starts. He had to fill two of the hardest spots to fill this summer– special education and foreign language.

“We actually had a couple of positions open going in to the last couple of weeks of school,” Christner said. “We actually have an assistant principal opening as well.”

Christner, who has been a principal 14 years, and Carr know part of the problem is just fewer people going into education. However, they don’t just want to fill spots just to fill them.

“We wanted to make sure we had the right fit for the students and the position we had there,” Christner said. “I’m not just looking to fill a position I’m looking to have the right fit.”

For all the classrooms that remain without a permanent teacher come Monday, they will be filled with substitute teachers. However, that makes the sub pool grow thin.

“That does have an impact on when teachers are ill or take personal business days because the number it takes to cover those classes then has an impact on the number of subs left to cover those benefit days,” Carr said.

Of course, the district is always looking for substitute teachers. For a full list of jobs at FWCS click here.

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