Beating the heat at football scrimmages

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)-Some people are having a hard time beating the heat. High school football teams across the area took to the field for scrimmages.

It’s been a rough few days with all the heat and humidity, but loyal high school football fans say they are making the best of it.They said it is all about staying hydrated for fans and players, too.

“We’ve just been making sure we’ve been drinking a lot of fluids over the last couple of days,” said Everett. “And lots of ice water and ice.”

Everett made sure to pass that message on to her son.

“He’s been drinking probably 7 to 8 glasses of water before practice then coming home and drinking the water after practice,” she said.

People in the stands used hats and umbrellas to try to block the sun. Many could be seen fanning themselves, hoping for some relief.

Even though the heat seemed unbearable at times fans are looking on the bright side.

“I’m kind of a summer person so I don’t quit mind it too too much,” said Mary Everett. “I’d rather this than snow.”

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