U.S. Attorney on drug trafficking arrests: “We are not finished”

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  Details of a federal investigation into drug trafficking in northern Indiana were released during a news conference held Wednesday afternoon in Fort Wayne.  U.S. Attorney David A. Capp announced that 17 of 18 people targeted in the investigation which culminated Tuesday in multiple raids by the FBI and other law enforcement officials have been taken into custody.

“Over the past 36 hours a major drug distribution has been taken off the streets of northern Indiana,” Capp said during Wednesday’s press conference.

Cocaine seized during FBi raids on August 9, 2016.
Cocaine seized during FBi raids on August 9, 2016.

The investigation began in January of 2015 and escalated as authorities gained more information into the drug network which involved a geographic region that Fort Wayne, South Bend and Elkhart.

“We started making some buys out on the streets and people start talking and you just start piecing it together one small step at a time,” Capp said the early stages of the investigation.

The people allegedly involved in the network moved cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. Capp said Jose Razo, 43, is at the top of the drug ring. The others involved are dealers and buyers. Capp said that 20 federal search warrants were executed as part of the investigation.  There were five court ordered wiretaps as well.

During the raids, authorities confiscated 11 kilos of cocaine, with an estimated value of $30,000 to $40,000 per kilo.  They also found large amounts of heroin and methamphetamine as well as $600,000 in cash.

“This makes a significant dent because the network moving it through northeast Indiana are all sitting downstairs in jail right now,” Capp said.

The FBI also took possession of 13 vehicles, including a Bentley and a Corvette, as well as 13 firearms, as part of the forfeiture provisions provided for in the indictments.

“When we talk about a drug problem in Fort Wayne, Allen County and northeast Indiana this is how you make an impact,” Fort Wayne Police Chief Steve Reed said. “You go after the people bringing those drugs in and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Law enforcement had a message for anyone involved with drugs in northeast Indiana.

“We are not finished.  We are coming after you and you are next,” Capp said.

According to press release issued following the news conference, the principal indictment alleges a conspiracy to distribute cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin against the following people who are all from Fort Wayne:

  • Jose C. Razo, age 43; also charged with maintaining 2720 Winter St., Ft. Wayne as a drug distribution place and eight specific alleged distributions
  • Carlos Silva-Ponce, age 39; also charged with maintaining 2720 Winter St. as a drug distribution place and two specific alleged distributions
  • Patricia S. Quinones, age 48
  • Samuel J. Gemple, age 48
  • Marco A. Garcia, age 29
  • Allan C. Chiprez-Garcia, age 20

Other indictments or criminal complaints were issued against the following people:

  • Baltazar Fernandez, age 44, Fort Wayne; conspiracy to distribute cocaine
  • Juan M. Gonzalez, age 33, Fort Wayne; conspiracy to distribute heroin and cocaine
  • Frederick Moore, age 42, Fort Wayne; conspiracy to distribute heroinand cocaine and with maintaining 2526 Baywood Trail, Ft. Wayne as a drug distribution place; arrested Tuesday in South Dakota;
  • Javier Orozco, age 28, Fort Wayne; conspiracy to distribute heroin; currently a fugitive, anyone with information as to his whereabouts should contact the FBI;
  • Edy A. Montoya-Echeverria, age 34, Fort Wayne; conspiracy to distribute heroin
  • Larmondo Watts, age 44, Fort Wayne; possession with intent to distribute cocaine
  • Jesus Montes-Perez, age 47, Fort Wayne; distribution of methamphetamine
  • Rene A. Del-Rio Salazar, age 30, South Bend; distribution of cocaine
  • Fernando G. Garcia, age 30, Fort Wayne; distribution of heroin;
  • Carlos Prado, age 36, Fort Wayne; distribution of methamphetamine;
  • Jonathan A. Galindo, age 25, Fort Wayne; conspiracy to distribute cocaine along with using a telephone to facilitate distribution
  • Enrique Cordova Campos, age 41, Elkhart, conspiracy to distribute cocaine

Federal search warrants were executed at the following addresses:

  • 3033 Winter Street, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 2720 Winter Street, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 2808 Taylor Street, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 2715 Hoagland Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 2724 Winter Street, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 2311 Whitmore Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 50773 CR 11, Elkhart, IN
  • 1331 Ebeling Drive, South Bend, IN
  • 8711 Voyager Drive, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 2526 Baywood Trail, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 205 West Wallace Street, Fort Wayne, I;
  • 9723 Tumbleweed Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN
  • 9525 Woodstream Dr., Fort Wayne, IN
  • 1135 Eliza Street, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 13814 Piedmont Cove, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 2531 Sandpoint Road, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 4005 Reed Street, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 1112 Wabash Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 1714 South Coliseum Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 4501 Smith Street, Fort Wayne, IN

According to Capp the investigation was directed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FortWayne Safe Streets Task Force (FWSSTF). Partners in the FBI FWSSTF are the Allen County Sheriff’s Department, Fort Wayne Police Department and the Indiana State Police. In addition, the FBI FWSSTF was assisted by the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation Division, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Marshal’s Service, Elkhart Police Department and the South Bend Police Department. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Anthony Geller and Stacey Speith.

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