Mother claims water at Fox Island County Park caused daughter’s eye infection

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – It was a normal day until Synder’s daughter Kaitlynn got out of the water and Snyder noticed a bump on her eye.

The family claims in a matter of hours, it only got worse.

“She couldn’t open her eye; I mean her eye lashes were flipping out of the eye because it was so swollen. It was pretty purple, it was pretty red and just it was huge,” Snyder said.

Eventually Snyder and her husband took Kaitlynn to the hospital.

Now, after two different opinions, Snyder thinks the infection came from the water.

“They looked at it and looked for bug bites, anything that could have set that off and said no she hasn’t had a sinus infection, there’s no bug bites, the only explanation is the bacteria that could have been in the lake,” Snyder said.

After making multiple calls regarding getting the water tested, she decided to post a photo of Kaitlynn on Facebook.

“No one would say anything publicly so I did,” she said.

Then the department of health received some calls. They offered to do some testing at Fox Island.

The department administrator says right now the water isn’t posing danger.

“I’ve got really no medical documentation or anything pointing toward any kind of concerns in the water,” Mindy Waldron said.

Test results could answer that by the end of the week.

“We know that there will be bacteria in that water, that’s normal we all have to know that when we swim in lakes and ponds. So we ran that kind of sample, we also ran a sample to make sure there’s no E.coli in the water or that type of thing,” Waldron said.

In the meantime, thanks to medicine, Kaitlynn is getting better and hopes to finally have her first day of school, which was supposed to be Monday.

“She’s just back to her normal self. She’s excited about going to school for the first time which will hopefully be tomorrow,” Snyder said.

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