Feds on manhunt for fugitive, his ex-girlfriend speaks out

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)-A man-hunt is underway for a person involved in a massive drug bust. According to the U.S. Attorney, 17 of 18 people targeted in the investigation been taken into custody, but 28-year-old Javier Orozco got away.

According to authorities his last known address was in the 3900 block of Fairfield Avenue. Orozco no longer lives there but his ex-girlfriend Tania Gonzales does. She said she can’t believe he had anything to do with it.

“I’m in disbelief,” said Gonzalez. “Maybe I’m blindfolded but I don’t believe that’s him in this mess.”

Federal investigators believe Orozco was one of 18 others responsible for distributing cocaine, meth, and heroin in Fort Wayne, Elkhart and South Bend Indiana. Gonzalez said as far as she knew he made an honest living.

“He did landscaping. I don’t know why they’re saying he’s some kind of distributor or whatever they said on TV. That’s not him,” she said.

What she saw on the TV became reality when police came to her home.

“To come here and see that the cops were here looking for him… he moved out of my house back in January,” said Gonzalez.

She said she’s known Orozco for 11 years; they dated when she was a teenager and reconnected last year. Gonzalez said the last time she saw Orozco was in May.

“He’s a family guy,” she said. “When we were living together he was very sweet to my kids. [He was like] a Father figure.”

According to Gonzalez, Orozco has two kids of his own. She said she is praying for him and his family and hopes the truth will come out.

“I know people are judging saying, ‘you’re just trying to cover up for him,'” she said. “But I’m not. I just want his name to be cleared.”

Orozco faces a charge of conspiracy to distribute heroin. Authorities said he is a fugitive and want anyone with information on his whereabouts to contact the FBI.

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