Church gives free bike repairs to the carless

Heart of the City Bicycles helps out people who ride bikes as their main means of transportation by repairing their bikes for free.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Just north of downtown Fort Wayne, you can find a small, organic bike repair crew that fixes bikes for people who ride them as their only means of transportation – and they fix them for free.

Pastor Michael Brown of Mission Church Fort Wayne said he’d been he’d been fixing bikes for years when he finally decided to create Heart of the City Bicycles a few years ago. It’s a volunteer-based ministry that basically fixes any bike problem you have. They get their parts by donations and scavenging.

The ministry also has an Earn a Bike program. To get a bike of your own through the program, people can either do service projects or help out with bike repairs.

Another opportunity is their apron program where they teach people to fix bikes. In this program, people get different colored aprons as they get better at repairing bikes – kind of like the colored belts in karate.

Pastor Brown said Heart of the City Bicycles is a very practical way to serve people.

“It’s very gratifying because we know this is the primary vehicle they have to get around,” he said. “We want to support them in being functional, being healthy, being a viable part of the community. If they can get around and make their world a little bit more smaller then that’s fantastic.”

Heart of the City Bicycles is open every Friday at Mission Church Fort Wayne from 9 a.m. to noon.

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