Clinton makes history: ‘Women can do what men can do’

FILE - Presumed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton listens during a town hall style campaign event, Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2015, at South Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. (AP file)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) For the first time 240 years a woman will be nominated for president of the United States by a major political party. In a roll call vote Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton will officially be nominated by her party.

Political party aside, women in Fort Wayne said it’s a great achievement for women all across the country.

“I think it’s great for women,” Jane Seely said.

“Women can do what men can do,” Mackenzie Loy said.

Many women said, whether you’re a fan of Clinton or not, she will inspire girls for generations to come.

“Democrat or Republican I think it’s wonderful for young women to see that they can do and be anything in the world they want to be. Leader of the free world possibly,” Seely said.

“I think the girls will now grow up knowing that they can do it,” Marcy Blair said.

“Great victory for young girls. It’s someone they can look up to,” Sheri Reiter said.

Allen County Councilwoman (First District) Sharon Tucker said it sends a message to everyone around the world.

“I’m excited about all that it says about our country, all that it says for women and an opportunity for women to show themselves strong and worthy because we are all created equal,” Tucker said.

Some women said they never thought they’d see the day a woman, on either side of the aisle, would take the top spot.

“I didn’t because I was born in 1946 so I did not expect it, but I think it’s a big stride,” Seely said.

“Not in my lifetime, no. I never thought it would,” Blair said.

Tucker said while it’s a monumental day for women across America, it’s just the beginning.

“It actually gives us the opportunity to see that we are cracking that glass ceiling that lies ahead and we’re breaking barriers that haven’t been broken,” Tucker said.

Tucker said she thinks it will inspire more women to run for office. She pointed out that women make up 53 percent of the population and only 20 percent of Congress.

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