Wild on WANE: The Dome

The 8,000 square-foot Indonesian Rainforest Dome is home to 16 different species of birds. But, you might have to play a little “I-Spy” to see them all. According to Zookeeper Tiffany Jones:

The visitors have a hard time sometimes just finding the birds. When we’re very busy, they like to hide. They like to kind of have their own places they like to hang out because when it does get very busy, you can imagine that they’re not gonna be walking across the path and they get a little scared of visitors sometimes.

Zookeepers are happy to help point out the typical spots where you may find the birds. And there are plenty of shapes, sizes, and colors to see. Those species include Oriental White-Eyes, Hooded Pittas, Fairy Bluebirds and Pied Imperial Pigeons. But the main thing people remember about the Dome are the ducks. Named Beyonce and Jay-Z.


Learn more by watching the video above!

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