Businesses cash in on Pokemon Go craze

Local businesses are embracing the Pokemon Go craze in hopes of boosting their bottom lines.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Local businesses are hoping to cash in on the Pokemon Go craze.

From comic book stores to ice cream shops everyone is hoping to benefit from the latest fad hitting the country.

“This is marketing gold,” Sheridan Court owner Mike Anderson said.

Summit Sports Comics and Games has put out what are called lures on their businesses. For just a few dollars, businesses can attract Pokemons to their businesses, bringing people through their doors.

“I gave up counting at 30 people,” Summit Sports Comics and Games manager Michael Snodgrass said.

“Someone put a lure on us yesterday and that was pretty cool,” Books, Comics and Things owner Tracy Scott said. “We had an entire bicycle herd of people come by.”

Local businesses said since people have to get out and explore the city in order to find the neighborhood, setting up their shops as Poke Stops is exposing them to new customers.

“They’ve come in, they’ve bought a few things and they say they’ll be back because they didn’t know it was here before,” Snodgrass said.

“We’ve had people come into the store that have never been in here before,” Scott said.

“Customers are coming over and realizing, ‘Wow there is an ice cream shop here,” Anderson said about his property that houses West Central Microcreamery.

Pokemon Go might last a few weeks or maybe a few years, but for now businesses said they’re embracing the hype and hoping it keeps people out exploring.

“From a business perspective it really is helping to drive more population,” Anderson said.

Restaurants and bars are also cashing into the fun with several meet-ups and bar crawls planned all across the city over the weekend.

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