Family says mother would be proud of daughters’ efforts to find her

YORKTOWN, Ind. (WANE) – The family of a woman found bound and dead in her apartment wants her accused killer to get the harshest punishment possible. The family of Jackie Vanduyn agrees they won’t be happy until her accused killer, Scott Jordan, is behind bars for life or is sentenced to death.

Jackie Vanduyn was the second youngest of seven children. It’s a family held together by their mother, so when Vanduyn’s mother got sick earlier this year her family stood by her bed for three weeks, but Vanduyn never showed up.

“If your mom was sick and deteriorating in the hospital you would come,” Vanduyn’s sister, Terena Taylor, said. “So, we knew something was wrong.”

On April 25, Vanduyn’s body was found in her Decatur Road apartment. The coroner ruled she died after being strangled.

Then, this week NewsChannel 15 got a hold of court documents. Her boyfriend Scott Jordan is charged with her murder. In the documents, it says Vanduyn was found in a trash bag in her closet, bound, with frozen water bottles on her.

“He’s sick,” Taylor said of Jordan. “He’s a sick individual. He’s got a twisted mind. He’s going to be judged on judgement day, and I hope he gets his.”

Taylor credits her nieces for helping bring justice to their mother. She said they texted Vanduyn, but knew it wasn’t her texting back, it was Jordan. Then, they traveled from Muncie to Fort Wayne on April 14 to file a missing persons report, and alert Vanduyn’s apartment complex that Jordan may be living there on his own.

“That’s when the management office went to the door and knocked on the door and Scott came to the door and they had him leave and changed the door locks,” Taylor said. “Why someone didn’t go in there then and inspect the apartment when they changed the door locks I don’t understand.”

The details about Jordan getting kicked out of the apartment are also in the court documents.

Taylor asked her nieces to be a part of this story, but they declined. Taylor said since the latest details about their mother’s death have come out they have become even more devastated.

However, she said her mother would’ve been proud of their determination to deliver justice to her.

“[They have] good intuition,” Taylor said. “They are all three beautiful young ladies with good heads on their shoulders. They stayed strong and stayed on top of what was going on with their mom.”


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