Rescue reunion: Man finds Good Samaritan he calls ‘guardian angel’

FORT WAYNE, Ind, (WANE) – A lot can change in just a couple of days.

“We’d really like to know who you were because I really think you’re an angel sent from above,” Richard Zidlick, aka Zebo, said.

Just yesterday, Zebo was looking for the woman he says saved his life.

He fell out of his electric scooter on a train track while heading downtown with his family.

His step daughter and granddaughter weren’t able to pick him up.

And the chair was stuck too.

The train was about to head right toward them.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere a woman ran up, picked him up and got him off the track.

Then just like that, she was gone.

Less than 24 hours after we did the story about his search for her, they’re sitting down for breakfast.

“We had no idea that we would actually get to meet her in person,” Zebo said.

“And what do you think?” we asked.

“Speechless. I’m speechless,” he said.

It was an emotional reunion.

“I never thought that I would be able to do something like that. Or I could be in a situation like that where I could potentially save somebody’s life. And it is a life we are talking about, you know, and especially in a world that we live in today. We just need to love each other and help each other and not kill each other and I’m just glad I got to do that,” Ebru said.

Ebru’s friends and coworkers saw our story and this morning she decided to contact us.

Not to receive praise but to thank Zebo, a Vietnam veteran, for his service.

They were able to connect just in time before he heads back to his home in Florida.

And what a connection it was.

Ebru is getting married in the fall, in Florida. About an hour from where Zebo and his wife live.

She’s just added two more guests to the list.


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