Drue and Justin Tranquill discuss overcoming adversity together

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Only one year and four months separate Drue and Justin Tranquill. The two brothers have many things in common from their love of football to their faith to their two torn ACL’s.

Drue and Justin Tranquill have torn four ACL’s within a year and a half. Justin was the first to injure his knee the summer leading up to his senior year at Carroll. It forced him to miss the entire 2014 season. Drue tore his ACL just a few months later during his freshman year at Notre Dame. Both recovered and were hoping for comeback seasons in 2015.

Drue was starting in his first game at Notre Dame on September 19th. After breaking up a pass just before half he jumped up to celebrate with his teammate. The sophomore safety came down and his right knee buckled. As soon as he heard the pop Drue knew what had happened.

Justin was suiting up for Western Michigan when he got the phone call from his dad that his brother had torn his ACL. Knowing the pain and how much Drue had to work to overcome the first tear Justin empathized with his older brother.

A few days later Justin would know exactly how his brother felt. During practice Justin planted his leg and felt the same pop. He too had tore his second ACL.

“I couldn’t let him one up me so I had to tear mine too,” Justin says.

Using that competitive nature the brothers lifted eachother up through the eight-month rehabilitation.

“It’s more of a mentality. It helped on those days of struggle to just be like Justin how are you doing because I’m really hurting today. Unless you’ve gone through it you don’t know the pain and the work,” Drue says.

The family is now searching for answers as to how two brothers could each have two torn ACL’s. Their younger brother who will be a sophomore at Carroll is getting his knee scoped to see if it is a hereditary condition.

Both Drue and Justin are now healed and are preparing for their upcoming seasons. Drue will be a junior at Notre Dame. Justin will be a sophomore at Western Michigan. Both are looking forward to playing their first full season of football in two seasons.

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