Residents remain frustrated with unsolved homicides

A man was critically wounded in a shooting following a fight in the 4100 block of Euclid Avenue.

FORT WAYNE, Ind.- Six months into the year and still Fort Wayne Police have made no arrests in any of the city’s 19 homicides.

Wednesday, the police department announced some new developments in the city’s latest deadly shootings: two persons of interest.

According to authorities, 28-year old Christopher Figgs is wanted in connection to the shooting on McKinnie Avenue. They are also looking for Davon Burden as a person of interest in the Euclid Street shooting.

Still, frustrated residents said they aren’t feeling much safer.

“[There’s] innocent people getting harmed .. kids and teenagers,” said Amontray Thomas, who lives down the street from where the shooting on McKinnie happened. “It’s getting out of hand.”

Of the city’s 19 homicides, nearly 70 percent of the victims are under the age of 30. About 30 percent were teenagers.

“That’s a lot,” said Thomas, “We have to do something better.”

Thomas’ neighbor, who lives a few doors down says police are likely having a difficult time because people are fearful. She wanted to remain anonymous.

“You’re scared to step up…because you’re scared they’re going to retaliate,” she said. “Who’s to say they won’t run across us next and we will be the next victim. They need to be off the street.”

But she believes there’s power in numbers. She said the more people that give information to police, the better off the community will be.

“You’ve got to speak up,” she said. “The police do their part the best they can. You can’t leave it all to the police officers. Help them out.”

“We just have to start doing something better,” said Thomas. “The community needs to get together and report everything they see.”

Both of the homicides are still under investigation. If you have any information that may help, call police.


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