NewsChannel 15 Exclusive: Mother of teen shot by police wants action by FWPD

FILE: Police tape

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Gina Dodson said her son is out of the hospital recovering from a gun shot wound to his lower back. Police said Officer Robert Hollo shot him during an investigation and chase on Smith Street on Tuesday. Dodson is asking for that officer to be removed from the streets permanently.

Dodson’s 17-year-old son is one of a handful of teens shot over the last two weeks. However, his case is a little different.

Dodson is not releasing her son’s name, but said he filled her in on what happened that day. She was advised by a lawyer not to say much about what he told her..

“I don’t even want to comment on that right now, but he did fill be in on what happened,” Dodson said. “I was actually at home. I wasn’t outside but I was at home.”

She did tell NewsChannel 15 in an exclusive interview that her son has a long road to recovery.

“He’s suffering from some nerve damage,” Dodson said. “He’s kind of got a little limp,”

According to police, Officer Hollo is an eight-year veteran of the department, and has had two letters of reprimand and a suspension for police vehicle crashes. He’s also had two letters of praise. He currently has two pending lawsuits, and another one has been settled.

Police Chief Garry Hamilton said on Wednesday a gun was found at the scene, but not on Dodson’s son. Dodson wants Hollo off the force or off the streets.

“If not removed from the police department I don’t feel like he should be able to still have the same job, and operate in the capacity out in the field,” Dodson said. “Maybe answering a telephone or something like that, but surely not out here gunning down people’s children.”

When it comes to the investigation, Dodson said her son has not been interviewed, and she doesn’t know when that will happen.

NewsChannel 15 called Fort Wayne Police Public Information Officer Michael Joyner Saturday afternoon to confirm that Dodson’s son has not been interviewed by police. He said he didn’t have the details of the investigation and could not confirm or deny it.

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