Neighbors react to Wednesday’s violent scene

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Fort Wayne Police described the 15-year-old victim in Wednesday’s shooting as a ‘good kid.’ Neighbors like the neighborhood, but said they feel a little less safe.

After a shooting in an alleyway near Avondale Drive and Baxter Street it took police more than six hours to contact the family of the 15-year-old victim. He had been shot in the head and calf. Police don’t know what he was doing in the area, but his lack of a record made the I.D. the hard part.

“He doesn’t have a lengthy record, he’s a good kid,” Captain Deborah Joyner said. “When we tried to [finger]print him to get identity that’s where we had the problem in identifying him.”

Police are now relying on witnesses in this shooting, and in a drive-by shooting a day earlier at a home on Anthony Wayne Drive, which put 50-year-old Maria Ramirez in critical condition.

Letecea Rodriguez was not home during yesterday’s shooting in the alleyway, but was surprised when she heard the news.

“It’s a very, very nice neighborhood,” Rodriguez said.

Joyner said a neighbor actually came to the 15-year-old victim’s side. A bloody towel was found in the alleyway.

“A witness who had heard the shots had run down, and I don’t know if someone had brought her a towel or whatever, she had added pressure to his wounds,” Joyner said.

Police interviewed people on the scene but some were scared to talk. Rodriguez said she feels a little nervous now in the neighborhood she loves.

“I feel a little bit nervous because sometimes I stay at home and my husband works in the night,” Rodriguez said.

Captain Joyner said police did receive some good information at Wednesday’s scene. However, she says it’s too early to say right now if an arrest is near.

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