A viral picture makes Fort Wayne teen a model of motivation

A picture of a Fort Wayne teen has been shared tens of thousands of times
A passerby snapped a picture of Demarco Bailey after he saw his training dedication. (Courtesy: Facebook)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Two tires held together by a large chain caught the eye of a passerby earlier this week. Fifteen-year-old Demarco Bailey made it with materials found around his southeast side neighborhood. He uses it to exercise.

The passerby snapped Demarco’s picture, and since, that picture has been shared tens of thousands of times.

“I was talking to my sister and stuff and she had told me it went viral or something like that,” Demarco said when NewsChannel 15 caught up with him during his daily work-out.

Demarco doesn’t think much about how popular the picture of him has become, but others did take notice. One bicyclist on Wednesday stopped to say he saw Demarco’s picture on Facebook and wished the teen good luck.

Demarco’s training has lasted more than a year. He said he’s just passing the time, and trying keeping his mind and body healthy. It doesn’t stop at just the tire pulls. It’s an all day affair. He jogs up hills, rides his bike around town and sometimes gets his brother to go on runs with him too.

For now, Demarco is happy with his tires even though they can be tough.

“I’m doing this to grow stronger, so who cares,” Demarco said.

He’s thankful he has what he has.

There are some people wanting to make sure Demarco has some new equipment. A Gofundme has been set up by that man who originally took his picture.

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