John Oliver buys and forgives $15 million in debt

CAUTION: Video contains adult language. (Last Week Tonight/YouTube)

NEW YORK (AP) — Some 9,000 people who can’t — or won’t — pay delinquent medical bills are singing John Oliver’s praises.

The HBO host illustrated a story about practices in a little known industry that purchases the records of people delinquent in bills and attempts to collect them by acquiring $15 million worth of unpaid medical bills. He got them for only $60,000, and immediately forgave the debts.

On his HBO show on Sunday night, Oliver claimed it was television’s biggest giveaway since an Oprah Winfrey episode where the talk-show host gave cars to her television audience.

Oliver’s show, “Last Week Tonight,” engages in a form of investigative comedy, and showed the abuses of some of these companies who try to collect on debts.


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