Fort Wayne residents still concerned about water quality

WANE file photo

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- Fort Wayne residents are still complaining about the smell and taste of the city’s water. Still, city officials maintain that it is safe to drink.

About three weeks ago, residents started to notice a difference in the city’s tap water. Fort Wayne’s water quality supervisor, Vicky Zehr, said the department is dealing with a taste and odor problem caused by organic materials in the water. Water quality officials used carbon to get rid of the smell and taste, but as of Tuesday afternoon they used the maximum amount.

Now, they tried a new method.  According to Frank Suarez, a spokesperson for City Utilities, the water treatment plant began flushing the water last Thursday to help with the smell. He said as of Monday most areas have reported improvement in the water.

But residents said the quality of water is still a big concern. Many are refusing to drink the water because they said they would rather be safe than sorry.

“You can see things floating around,” said Linda Ellis. “If you can see things floating in your water, that’s a problem.”

Some have resorted to boiling water or buying bottled water to drink instead.

“I took my kids to little league practice this morning,” said Chris Meyer. “They had the water fountain but you had more parents saying, ‘don’t drink that, here’s a bottle of water.'”

“I drink bottled water, which I don’t like to do, because it contributes to the waste with the plastic bottles,” said Leigh Yerkes.

Some are not bothered by the taste, but still chose to avoid the city’s tap water as a safety precaution.

“I was drinking it regardless, I hadn’t noticed anything,” said Luis Garcia “But I  started drinking bottled water just in case.”

City officials said if the smell or taste is too strong, residents can put the water in the refrigerator which should help with the taste.

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