You can get sunburned even when it’s cloudy

Photo from Jay Farlow

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Local dermatologists say you can get a sunburn during any season.  Now that summer is beginning and people will be spending a lot of time in direct sunlight, it’s especially important to think about sunscreen.  When you are spending time outdoors in the sun, dermatologists advise you to use SPF 30 or higher.  You should reapply that at least every two hours.

You can also get a sunburn or sun damage to your skin when you are not directly in the sun.  50% to 80% of the sun’s harmful UV rays can go through clouds and glass.  If you drive a lot, you need to think about wearing sunscreen, especially on your left side.  Make sure you are wearing sunscreen when you spend lots of time outdoors, even if it’s cloudy.

You can see sunburns immediately, but other forms of sun damage are not as obvious.  It may take years for you to see brown spots on your skin or scaly areas that could become skin cancer.  If you see a spot that doesn’t heal in two months, it’s time to see a doctor.  All of this can be prevented, though, by wearing and properly applying sunscreen.

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