Wild on WANE: Baby Penguins

If you visit the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo this season, you’ll see several new additions, including Echo and Blue. These two baby African penguins are just a few months old.

Female black-footed penguins will lay their eggs, then incubate them for 36-42 days. After the babies hatch, the parents will raise them for about the first 3 weeks. After that, zoo staff pull them to help them build a relationship with the keepers and learn how to eat from them.

These new babies are not only important for the zoo, but for the species. Black-footed penguins are endangered, with only about 2% of their population still in the wild due to over-fishing and habitat destruction. There are breeding recommendations for some of the other African penguins at the zoo, so more babies may be possible in the future!

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