Science Central: angular momentum

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Martin Fisher of Science Central joined the crew on First News Sunday for another installment of Science Sunday.


One of the activities Fisher showed that’s at the camp was a spinning wheel demonstrating angular momentum.

“Angular momentum is moving in a circle, “Fisher explained. When energy moves in a line it’s called linear momentum.

Fisher had Meteorologist Hannah Strong experience the force of the wheel by holding it on it’s two handles.

“What it’s doing is it’s trying to resist that motion, that’s known as inertia,” Fisher said.

Experiments with the wheel showed how force and motion work together.

Fisher said this experiment is an easy way to keep learning throughout the summer.

“You want to go outside and have fun but we’ve also want to make sure keep learning,” he said.

Another way to keep children learning during the break is through Science Central’s summer camps. Fisher said it’s a great way to foster a child’s interest in the subject.

“if you can see some of those real world applications of science, that’s even better,” he added.

Science Central. located on Clinton Street, is open Wednesday through Sunday.

Their annual golf outing is the first Thursday in June.


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