Pedal-powered pubs a noise nuisance to some in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Pedal pubs have become a common sight around downtown Indianapolis. But the bicycles built to be mobile parties for drinking revelers are also leading to complaints.

Matt Schiffler lives on a route frequented by pedal bars. He tells WTHR-TV that the music and loud patrons are a nuisance.

City-County Councilor Jeff Miller has heard from other people bothered by the noise and says some kind of regulation may be needed.

Two companies operate pedal bars Indianapolis. The four-wheeled, motor-assisted vehicles accommodate 14 to 16 people who bring their own alcohol and help pedal their way around downtown.

Nicole Eliason owns the Pickled Pedaler bar and says she has taken steps to address noise concerns.

Some other cities have pedal bars and some, like Minneapolis, regulate them.


Information from: WTHR-TV,


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