Todd Young wins Republican nomination in US Senate race

Congressman Todd Young thanks supporters after winning the Republican nomination in the U.S. Senate race.

INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) Congressman Todd Young clinched the Republican nomination in the U.S. Senate race with more than 60 percent of the votes.

“I’m running because I learned a thing or two at the Naval Academy and in the U.S. Marines. Primarily I learned that the world is a dangerous place,” Young said.

Young faced Congressman Marlin Stutzman in the primary race. Stutzman currently represents Indiana’s Third Congressional District and Young represents the 9th Congressional District.

“I think it shows you that negative campaigning works. A lot of outside money came in from the D.C. establishment and it worked tonight,” Stutzman said after learning the results from the race. 

Stutzman called attention to campaign funding and the role super PACs play in elections when addressing his supporters at and event in Indianapolis Tuesday night. 

You’ve got campaign finance that definitely favors a few over voters and I think it’s worth taking a look at,” Stutzman said.

This has been a hotly contested race with Young’s eligibility to be on the ballot and Stutzman’s campaign funds called into question in the weeks leading up to the May primary.

Stutzman said he doesn’t really know what’s next for him and his political career, but says he will finish out his term in Congress strong and then head back to the family farm in Howe to focus on family.

“Our boys, they’ve been wanting some animals, so we’re going to focus on them and help them through high school and we’ll still be involved politically though. This country is too important for us to just go sit on the sidelines,” Stutzman said.

Young will face Democratic candidate Baron Hill in the General Election this November.

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