Meet the Candidates: Todd Nightenhelser

Todd Nightenhelser joins NewsChannel 15's Pat Hoffmann for First News Saturday's Meet the Candidates.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Ten candidates are trying to become Indiana’s next representative for the 3rd district in Congress. NewsChannel 15’s series, Meet the Candidates, allows voters to get to know the key players in the May Primary before seeing their names on the ballot on Election Day.

Todd Nightenhelser is running on the Democrat side of the ticket. He joined NewsChannel 15’s First News Saturday to talk about his life and why he joined this race.

Nightenhelser runs a small business in Huntington, TCB Games. He’s owned the shop, originally called The Collector’s Box, for 18 years. He said he first opened it as an outreach for teenagers, so they would have something to do after school.

Nightenhelser said while owning a small business he’s had the opportunity to really learn about his community.

“Running a business in Indiana isn’t as easy as people think it is, the tax laws are a little bit difficult. Working with communities is paramount to running a small business and doing that has really gotten me involved in local communities and local non-profits,” he said.

If elected, Nightenhelser, hopes to bring real change to congress. “Congress has not done its job at all for six years and it has really gotten under my skin,” he said.

One thing you may not know about this candidate is that he enjoys fishing. To learn more about Nightenhelser’s work and family life, watch the video above.

Nightenhelser faces Toby Lamp, John Roberson and Tommy Schrader in the primary. On the Republican ticket Jim Banks, Mark Baringer, Senator Liz Brown, Pam Galloway, Kevin Howell and Kip Tom are running for 3rd district. They’re hoping to fill Stutzman’s seat who’s trying to fill the U.S. senate seat, currently held by Republican Dan Coats. Republican Representative Todd Young and Democrat Baron Hill are also running for U.S. senate. Every contested candidate will stop by First News as part of Meet the Candidates.

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