Excise police arrest dozens during IU Little 500 weekend

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WANE) Officers with the Indiana State Excise Police arrested or cited 179 people over the weekend in Bloomington where the annual Little 500 bicycle race took place on Saturday.

According to a press release from Indiana State Excise Police, the majority of arrests were for illegal consumption of alcohol by minors. There were also dozens of arrests for Minor Possession of False ID. Many of those who were arrested or cited were visiting Bloomington for the weekend activities.

“The goal of the State Excise Police during large events is to ensure public safety, especially the safety of people under 21-years of age. They tend to consume alcohol irresponsibly,” said Indiana State Excise Police Superintendent Matt Strittmatter. “There is also a higher propensity for them to binge drink, which leads to behaviors that can be dangerous to them and to others. Likewise, it is our goal to help alcohol retailers by taking enforcement action against persons who attempt to gain access to their establishments with counterfeit identifications. In short, it is never our goal to write as many tickets or to jail as many people as possible—the goal is simply to ensure that everyone enjoys the festivities safely.”

The total weekend charges were as follows:

  • 113- Minor in Possession of Alcoholic Beverages
  • 77- Minor Possession of False ID
  • 2- Minor Resisting Law Enforcement
  • 3- Minor Entering a Tavern
  • 1- Public Intoxication
  • 15- Minor Drug Arrests
  • 90- Minor Other (Traffic, False Statement of Age, Misrepresentation of Age)
  • 2- Adult Furnishing Alcoholic Beverages to Minor
  • 3- Adult Inducing Minor to Possess Alcoholic Beverages
  • 7- Adult Other
  • 1- Juvenile Possession of Alcoholic Beverages
  • 33- Warning Tickets (Various)

On Friday a traffic top for a seat belt infraction led to the arrest of 3 people after marijuana was seen in plain view inside the vehicle.  A search then turned up 110 pills believed to be a generic brand of Xanax.

Drugs seized by Indiana State Excise Police following traffic stop.
Drugs seized by Indiana State Excise Police following traffic stop.

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