Meet the Candidates: Kevin Howell

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Six Republican candidates are facing off in the May primary to become Indiana’s next representative for the 3rd district in Congress. The person elected in November will fill Marlin Stutzman’s seat as he makes a run for U.S. Senate.

Kevin Howell, a former staff assistant to Stutzman, joined NewsChannel 15 to talk about why he joined the race.

Howell grew up in Fort Wayne before moving to Washington DC where he graduated from Howard University. He was a staff assistant to former Fort Wayne Mayor Paul Helmke and was an Allen County councilman.

His years of public service along with his 10 years in the U.S. Marine Corps lead him to this race. He said his experience serving overseas in the military in the 1980s is a main reason he joined the race.

“You have folks who are dedicated to accomplishing their goal- as far as they see it- to killing American’s in America. It’s already happening overseas. I feel strongly about it, so much so, that I decided to run for congress and make it a major issue,” Howell said on First News.

His said what’s happening right now is our responsibility.

“It’s generational in a sense that our parents or grandparents served in World War II and they had to fight to win in Japan and in Germany, to a lesser extent Korea and Vietnam. Now this is our turn. We’re the generation that has to do what we have to do,” he explained.

“If you don’t feel comfortable in your own country, if you think that your life is threatened in your own country, in your own state, everything else is secondary.”

He said he’s seen firsthand the effect that has on other countries and he doesn’t want to see it happen in the United Sates.

Howell is running against Republicans Mark Baringer, Senator Jim Banks, Senator Liz Brown, Pam Galloway, and Kip Tom. On the Democratic ticket, Toby Lamp, Todd Nightenhelser, John Roberson and Tommy Schrader are running for 3rd district. Republican Representative Todd Young and Democrat Baron Hill are also running for U.S. senate. Every contested candidate will stop by First News as part of Meet the Candidates.

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