Teens arrested for counterfeiting

During a traffic stop, officers found $100 counterfeit bills, uncut copied bills and a printer.

Photos of Drake Wells (top left), Tristan Lacy, (bottom left), Jalaysha Mccaleb (top middle), Raynesha Causey (bottom middle) and Terrell Smith (right).

PLYMOUTH, Ind. (WANE) Police said six teens from Fort Wayne were arrested in Plymouth Sunday for counterfeiting.

According to the Plymouth Police Department, around 1:20 a.m., officers stopped a vehicle on U.S. 30.

During the stop, police arrested the driver for having a controlled substance.

Investigators also found $100 counterfeit bills, uncut copied bills and a printer.

Five of the six occupants in the vehicle were taken into custody for questioning.

They have since been charged with the following:

Raynesha Causey, 18- Operating with Controlled Substance, Counterfeiting

Tristan Lacy, 18- Counterfeiting

Drake Wells, 18- Counterfeiting

Terrell Smith, 18- Counterfeiting, False Informing

Jalaysha Mccaleb, 19- Assisting a Criminal, False Informing

The sixth person inside the vehicle, a 17-year-old juvenile, was not identified. They were placed in a detention center.

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