UFC star Jon ‘Bones’ Jones denies drag racing claims

Image provided by KRQE

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Former UFC Champion Jon “Bones” Jones said he “lost it” when an officer pulled him over last week and accused him of drag racing.

The confrontation was caught on camera just one day after Jones appeared in front of a judge and agreed to stay out of trouble.

Knowing this was going to be public eventually, Jones actually was first to admit what happened. He apologized for the heated conversation with the officer, but said he was not doing anything wrong.

Albuquerque Police Department lapel video shows Jones at about 11:45 p.m. last week on Central near I-25.

“F***ing liar,” Jones can be heard telling the officer. “I can’t believe you.”

“Well, believe it because I’m not joking,” the officer responded.

Just one day earlier, Jones was in court taking a plea deal to make some traffic citations he’d racked up go away, as long as he follows the rules for 90 days.

Jones is already on probation, doing community service, after a hit-and-run crash last year that left a pregnant woman injured.

Now, APD slapped him with five citations for drag racing, exhibition driving, modification of exhaust systems, not driving within the traffic lane and his license plate cover making it hard to see his registration sticker.

“I can’t f***ing believe you. You’re ridiculous,” Jones said.
“Just doing my job,” the officer repolied.

Clearly, Jones was not happy. “You’re despicable,” he told the officer.

“I feel the same way about you, sir,” the officer said.

“You disgust me,” Jones said.

“Once again, the feeling’s mutual,” the officer said.

In a phone interview on Monday on “The MMA Hour,” Jones said he regrets how he spoke to the officer, but he plans to fight the tickets.

“I don’t understand how you can drag race for 10 yards under 35 mph,” Jones said.

He explained that he revved his engine at a stop light to acknowledge fans in a nearby car, who tried to get his attention but he said he was never speeding or racing.

“How do you sleep with yourself at night?” Jones asked.

“Well, you’re lucky you’re not going to jail tonight for reckless driving,” the officer said.

“For what? For reckless driving? Yeah, right. Nice try. Sure, I’m lucky. I’m not lucky about sh**,” he said.

“I can tell, you’ve got an interlock in your car,” the officer said, referring to an ignition interlock device Jones has because of a prior DWI.

“The guy was really confrontational with me and so I freaked out. I lost it. I completely lost it and said a whole bunch of terrible things to the guy,” Jones said.

Jones has a traffic arraignment set for next week.

“How do you sleep with yourself at night?” Jones asked the officer.

“Mostly on my left side, sometimes on my back,” said the officer.

“I can’t wait until you get out of my face,” Jones responded.

Jones said he notified his probation officer as soon as this happened.

The Corrections Department has not gotten back to KRQE News 13 about whether this will affect his probation.

Next month, Jones will get the chance to win back the UFC title he was stripped of following his arrest for the 2015 hit-and-run crash.

He is set to face Daniel Cormier on Saturday, April 23 at UFC 197 in the light heavyweight title fight.

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