FWA urging travelers to be extra vigilant following terror attacks

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Security is always important at Fort Wayne International Airport, but even more so in the wake of the attacks in Brussels on Tuesday.

Airport officials described Tuesday as business as usual with a bit of a closer eye on the facility. No delays or cancelled flights got cancelled because of the attacks, but leaders and travelers said the tragic events in Brussels certainly weighed heavy on their hearts and minds.

“It’s definitely something that has happened in our world. It’s not the first time. It’s disappointing. It always is. We just keep those people who are impacted in our thoughts and prayers,” FWA Executive Director Scott Hinderman said.

Several televisions throughout the airport carried news of the attacks during the day.  Many passengers said the events couldn’t keep them from flying, but definitely made them worry.

“When I looked on the news channel, I was so scared because it’s just crazy. I was like ‘oh my gosh, I have to fly with my six-month-old baby.’ It’s just so scary knowing that’s going on in the world, and that I have to go through that maybe or I have to fly today and I don’t know what’s going to happen. So, it’s just scary,” traveler Lauren said.

The mom and military wife was traveling back to her home and husband in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. She said the attacks made her worry about the future for her and her family.

“I just got told two days ago that my husband may be going to Iraq next year. So, they’re doing a lot of training which makes it even more scary, knowing that my husband could be going overseas to fight these people that are pulling out these terrorist attacks on us,” Lauren said.

Airport officials were in close communication with TSA and Homeland Security all day Tuesday.

“Really, it’s just a whole lot of management by walking around. We look for things that look unusual. We are in close communication with all of our stakeholders, whether it’s our airlines, our other tenants. We’re just making sure that we are seeing everything. We do additional patrols of our perimeter fence. We’re just looking for what’s unusual, what’s not normal on a day-to-day activity. Then, if we’d see something, we’d look into it a little bit deeper.”

To ensure the safety of staff and travelers, leaders also asked everyone to be extra vigilant during this time.

“If they see something, say something. Don’t hide it in secrecy. So, if doesn’t look right, you’ve got to tell someone and we’ll investigate it,” Hinderman said.

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