Salon gives hairstyle trends for spring

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The change to spring not only means tulips and cleaning, but a fresh change in your hairstyle. Pin-Up Curls Salon wants you to consider these hot looks, even incorporating those bright spring colors into your hair.

“You’ll see women are going shorter these days. So, the most popular length right now is about a shorter length bob. You’ll see that the extremely long hair is now moving up to about the bust region. That’s like the new long length,” Erin Raber, Owner of Pin-Up Curls said. “A lot of women are going for those pixie cuts and those underneath shaves with etching designs in them.”


“You’ll see that we’re going to be moving from cooler tones to warmer tones as the summer comes along. So, more goldens and coppers, still pops of color is fun. You’ll see right now in the Spring, baby lavender, baby pink, even greens, all over the hair, is really in style right now,” Raber said.

According to Raber, the fashion colors tend to last a couple weeks and will wash out over time.

New trends

“Hair jewelry is in. So, you’ll see headbands but now it’s turning to actual jewelry.”

Braids for Spring Break 

According to Raber, braids (two stranded, inverted, french) are in.

Pin-Up Curls offers demonstrations on its Facebook page.

It’s located at 6222 Covington Road in Fort Wayne. To make an appointment, call (260) 267-9659.




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