Watch vs. warning

It’s important to know the difference between severe watches and warnings during storm season and what you need to do when each is issued. Here’s a breakdown of what these mean:

  • WATCH – a severe thunderstorm watch means that conditions are favorable for severe thunderstorms to develop. These would be thunderstorms capable of producing damaging winds (58+ mph) and/or large hail (1″+ in diameter). in when a severe thunderstorm watch is issued, you should keep an eye to the sky and prepare to move inside. A tornado watch also means that conditions are favorable for severe storms capable of producing tornadoes. In this case, you should also keep an eye to the sky and make sure you know where to go in case a warning is issued. Think of a watch as being on “watch” for severe thunderstorms or tornadoes – it does not necessarily mean they are happening or will be imminently happening in your area, but you should be prepared.
  • WARNING – a severe thunderstorm warning means that severe thunderstorms are occurring or are imminent. These storms will produce large hail and/or damaging winds. You should be inside! A tornado warning means that a severe thunderstorm has developed and is producing a tornado (observed by spotters on the ground) or radar has indicated intense low-level rotation consistent with a tornado. This is the most serious of warnings – you must seek shelter in your safe space! Click here for where to go during a storm.

The Live Doppler 15 Fury Storm Team will alert you when watches and warning are issued for our area.

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