City spends thousands less on overtime, salt this winter

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The City of Fort Wayne spent about $200,000 less on things like snow removal and overtime this winter.

According to the city, last winter there were 31 snow or ice events. This winter there were 11 fewer, at just 20 events. Less snow and ice means less money to clean it up.

When you look at overtime alone the city spent about $136,000 less this winter. This winter the price of salt increased about nine percent, but the city still saved.

“We did use less and that was a good thing, so we’re going to be over $100,000 less than what we used the year before and that will be salt that we’re able to use next year,” City Utilities Spokesman Frank Suarez said.

That money comes from the highway tax. What money wasn’t used this winter will be used for things like leaf collection and road repairs.

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