“Supply Sergeant” keeps FWPD well-stocked & spirited

Henry Bolton started working at FWPD headquarters in 1994.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – He’s worked at police headquarters for more than 20 years, but it’s much more than just his tenure that makes Henry Bolton a secret weapon of sorts for the Fort Wayne Police Department.

Wanting to educate his neighbors on how to best interact with officers, Bolton signed up for the Citizen’s Police Academy. The department hired him after the class, and he started working on January 25, 1994. He hasn’t looked back since.

“My official title is property room manager,” Bolton said. “Like the supply sergeant, but I’m the supply person.”

From the loads of paperwork to the hundreds of police cars coming in and out of the department, there’s a good chance Bolton is behind it all. His work isn’t just reserved for headquarters, though. You’ll also see him in the field, frequently helping officers bring back large items from crime scenes and crashes. It’s safe to say he fills every minute of his eight hour shift.

“I’ve been pretty busy most of the time,” Bolton said.

He’s well aware of what he means to this department.

“They’d indicated that it would possibly take three officers or three other personnel to handle what I’m doing now,” Bolton said.

However, this self-proclaimed “supply sergeant” still brings humility and a work ethic everyone can learn from.

“I’ve worked since I was 11-years-old, so I just keep going,” Bolton said. “It really doesn’t resonate with me. I’m doing a job, and I don’t dwell on it. I just do it. I know that it has to be done, and it’s my obligation, and I do it so with pride. It’s not a prestige thing with me. It’s more of giving back to the community.”

Deputy Chief of Special Operations Marty Bender said he wishes there were more people like Bolton in the world.

“Henry’s got an outstanding work ethic. He’s kind of old school. He’s very reliable, very conscientious about his job. He’s got a great sense of humor. He’s one of a kind,” Bender said.

As if working under five different police chiefs isn’t impressive enough, Bolton is also a Korean War Veteran, talented artist, father of four, and grandpa to 22 baby Boltons.

At 84, Bolton has worn a few hats throughout his life. Working for the department is one he’ll keep on as long as it still fits.

“When they’re done with me, they’ll tell me. As long as I’ve got my right mind and am able to do the job, I’ll be on board,” Bolton said.

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