Woman injured during TinCaps game weighs in on new safety nets

Safety nets at Parkview Field

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) When Jennifer Myers went to a TinCaps game last summer at Parkview Field she had no idea her life would change in a split second.

“I saw it when it was maybe three feet from me and then it hit me directly in the mouth,” Myers said about the ball that severely injured her face.

In a matter of seconds it went from a nice family outing to a trip the hospital.

“Five surgeries,” Myers said of her treatment. “I had to have titanium plates put in my face and quite a few screws and gum grafting. It’s been a long road.”

With more than $50,000 in debt after the surgeries Myers isn’t done yet. She said  doctors tell her it could be another four months before she’s done with treatments. It’s been a long painful road for the Myers and with new safety nets up at Parkview Field she hopes it won’t happen to someone else.

“I’m glad that they put it up because if God forbid it would have been my kid that was sitting next to me or the little kid that was sitting in front of me I mean they could have brain damage or spinal damage,” Myers said.

Myers was sitting in an area that will now be protected by the extended safety nets. In seasons past safety nets only protected fans sitting behind home plate, now they will extend to the ends of each dugout.

It was a traumatic experience for everyone in Myers’ family and one, hopefully, no one else has to go through thanks to the safety nets.

“The memory of that will never leave me,” Myers said.

Myers said while the safety nets are a step in the right direction there is more that can be done. She said she’d like to see better training for people who respond to injuries at the games like the one she sustained.

We spoke to Mike Nutter who said he stands by how the situation was handled and the first responders.

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