Pence won’t say whether he would’ve signed gay rights bill

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana Gov. Mike Pence isn’t saying whether he would have signed the state Senate’s failed proposal for extending anti-discrimination protections for lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

Pence on Wednesday called a reporter’s question about his stance hypothetical. The Republican governor says he laid out his position during last month’s State of the State speech, during which said he wouldn’t sign a gay rights bill that he believed diminished religious freedoms.

On Tuesday, State Sen. Travis Holdman (R-Markle) announced that his Senate Bill 344 would not advance in the Indiana Senate after a second day of closed door meetings between Senate Republicans. The measure, aimed to protect lesbian, gay and bisexual — but not transgender — people from discrimination, was proposed in the wake of a religious objections law passed last year that made national headlines.

Pence spoke briefly with reporters after filing his re-election documents with state election officials, a day after GOP senators abandon efforts to pass a gay rights bill this year.

Democrat John Gregg also officially filed Wednesday to challenge Pence in the November election. Gregg said Tuesday that Indiana’s economy and reputation continue to suffer because of inaction on LGBT discrimination.

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