Shaquille O’Neal visits Gainesville Police, plays some basketball after viral video

GAINESVILLE, FL (WFLA) – Basketball icon Shaquille O’Neal visited a police station in Gainesville for a friendly game of hoops after a video of the police officer playing basketball with the teens in the area went viral.

Officer Bobby White with GPD was dispatched to a complaint of kids playing basketball “too loudly” in the streets. The call came in on Jan. 15  just after 5 p.m. When Officer White pulled up to the location, he immediately observed kids doing what kids do best – simply having fun; not committing crimes. Officer White took it upon himself to join in the fun. “That’s a nice hoop,” he can be heard saying as he takes the basketball.

The sports legend saw the video and said he wanted to visit Officer White and to partake in the basketball challenge with the children, according to the GPD’s Facebook page. He surprised them with the visit Saturday afternoon.

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