Powerball-winning nurse was all a hoax

CHINO HILLS (KRON) — The Los Angeles Times has confirmed Thursday night that multiple reports of a nurse from Ponoma winning the jackpot in Chino Hills was a hoax.

The nurse’s daughter told the LA Times that the story was not true. She works at the same health care center as her mother, according to the LA Times.

The daughter also told the Times she believes the “reports were the result of a misunderstanding based on a photo of a ticket that was sent to her mother.”

A lottery official told KRON nobody has come forward to claim the winning ticket. Spokesman Russ Lopez said the lottery will not comment on the validity of the nurse story.

Lopez did say the story “just doesn’t add up,” there are “too many questions” and the “circumstances are unusual”.

The nurse would have been one of three winners, with the others coming from Tennessee and Florida, to share the $1.6 billion jackpot.

Earlier on Thursday, multiple outlets reported a Pomona nurse was the Southern California jackpot winner. She had not been identified by name.

DailyMail.com had reported the nurse was 62 years old, with seven children, and had finished her shift at work even though she had known she had won the jackpot. It was also reported her boss had bought the ticket.

The actual winners will get nearly $529 million each, $328 million if they go for the lump sum.

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