FWPD issues warning to grocery shoppers

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Fort Wayne police are warning shoppers at grocery stores to keep an eye on their purses. Investigators said there have been seven incidents where purses have been directly taken out of shopping carts.

According to the Fort Wayne Police Department, the thefts are happening when a shopper briefly walks away from their purse, leaving it in the cart.

Police suggested that under no circumstances should anyone leave their purse unattended.

“It is a strong recommendation that items such as debit cards, credit cards, cash, checkbooks, identification, vehicle and house keys be kept separate of your purse and carried on your person.”

It’s recommended that shoppers carry their purse over their shoulder, then place their outer coat on, concealing the purse.

FWPD spokesperson Michael Joyner said the thefts have occurred at the Kroger’s on Bluffton Road, E. Pettit Avenue, and W. State Street locations. The thefts started back in October 2015 and have continued as recent as Jan. 7, 2016.

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