Ind. senators file bill to repeal RFRA

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH/WANE) – There’s an effort underway at the Statehouse to repeal the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, according to WANE sister station WISH-TV in Indianapolis.

Supporters of new civil rights protections for the LGBT community are against it.

State Sen. Mike Young (R-Indianapolis) authored the RFRA fix that passed after controversy arose last year, and now he’s decided that state lawmakers should go back to where they started in 2015 by eliminating the new law altogether.

State Sen. Jim Banks (R-Columbia City) and State Sen. Phil Boots (R-Crawfordsville) also authored the bill.

Opponents of RFRA are now seeking new civil rights protections and they view Young’s bill as an attempt to derail that effort.

But Young says they are two separate issues and the current law is convoluted.

“We’re getting rid of RFRA,” he said. “There’s no fix for RFRA. It would be gone in my bill.”

“Someone can still be denied access to public accommodations for being gay or transgendered,” said Peter Hanscom of Indiana Competes. “It doesn’t change any of the current realities under Indiana law that we know folks were so upset about last legislative session.”

“The polls show the trend is toward adding protections,” said Chris Paulsen of Freedom Indiana, “and I think that hopefully our legislators will catch up with everyday Hoosiers.”

Sen. Young’s RFRA repeal has already been scheduled for a public hearing later this month.

It appears that the hearing will take place before there is a hearing on the proposed new civil rights protections.

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