Keeping your New Year’s resolutions

Catalyst Fitness owner, Jason Minich, does a few reps at the gym New Year's Day.

FORT WAYNE, Ind .(WANE) A new year means a fresh start and for many people that means it’s time to start acting on their New Year’s resolutions. It also means the gyms will be busy.

“Usually a pretty big crowd at the beginning of the year and then it kind of tapers off around March or April,” Catalyst Fitness owner, Jason Minich, said.

Minich said first things first make sure your goals are realistic.

“My advice is be the tortoise not the hare,” Minich said. “You’re not trying to win the race right away you’re trying to be consistent.”

You didn’t gain 20 pounds in five days, so Minich said you can’t expect to lose it that fast either. Here are Minich’s top 10 tips to keep at it:

  1. Focus and commit to your goals.
  2. Remind yourself daily of what you want to accomplish.
  3. Drink plenty of water!
  4. Exercise vigorously more days per week than you are not.
  5. Be consistent with your exercise.
  6. Eat real, healthy food.
  7. Eat lean protein at each meal.
  8. Eat every three hours.
  9. Exercise with resistance.
  10. Avoid quick gimmick products.

Another important part of sticking with your goals is to have a buddy.

“They don’t have to have the same goals as that person, but you have to have somebody who is invested in you and make sure that they’re going to help you stay accountable when life takes over and things get busy or stressful you have to have that person to lean on,” Minich said.

When it comes to food – make healthy food a convenient choice.

“If you want to succeed you have to set your environment up for success,” Minich said. “Bottom line. If you have foods in your home that are something you shouldn’t be eating get them out because if they’re there you’re going to eat them.”

When it comes to those ads promising quick weight loss, Minich said steer clear and stick with the basics.

“You don’t need a product for success,” Minich said. “You don’t need a cream or a wrap or a shake or a pill all you need to do is feed your body the right things and move and exercise and do it consistently.”

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