Yes, Mountain Dew wings are a thing, and we got a sneak taste

NewsChannel 15's Aaron Organ takes a bite of Buffalo Wild Wing's newest flavor.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) In honor of the 70th annual Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl, the restaurant is releasing a limited sauce flavor inspired by one of the most popular soft drinks in the country.

The new Zesty Citrus flavor, or what we’ll all come to call it – Mountain Dew Wings – are made with lemongrass, red peppers and, yes, real Mountain Dew.

Buffalo Wild Wings will release the sauce on Dec. 14. However, NewsChannel 15 got their hands on the new flavor and gave it a try.

The sauce wasn’t too spicy, but there was a small kick. Many said they could taste the Mountain Dew. But overall, there were mixed reviews at the station, leaving really only one option to find out if you should ‘Do the Dew.’

You’ll have to try them yourself.

But you better hurry. Mountain Dew wings are only available while supplies last.

And if this flavor isn’t your style, there are still 16 other wing sauces and five dry-rubs.

Buffalo Wild Wings has three locations in Fort Wayne at 1425 W. Dupont Road, 10524 Maysville Road and 5519 Coventry Lane.

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