Science Sunday: Party tricks and holiday fun

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) There’s snow on the ground and Christmas decorations up around the city marking the beginning of the holiday season. That also means holiday break and plenty of parties to attend.

Martin Fisher with Science Central joined First News with suggestions for how to impress friends during the party season and keep busy during the break.

Fisher explained the science behind a classic party trick- getting a spoon to stick to your nose. The experiment calls for a spoon and a tissue. Fisher said to wipe off the spoon and your nose. He explained oil from your nose will make it hard for the spoon to stick.

Then, you want to breathe on the spoon and stick it to your nose. He explained water is actually sticky.

“What’s happening is there’s a thin layer of water that’s on the spoon and it’s basically sticking the spoon on my nose,” Fisher said while demonstrating. Check it out in more detail by watching the video above.

Nothing impresses at a party like a trick with fire. Any child wanting to try this next experiment needs to have adult supervision.

Grab a match and either  a film canister or a wine glass. This experiment plays around with air pressure. Light the match and stick it inside the film canister and then stick the canister on your forehead.

“When the oxygen is used up, the match will go out. The temperature on the inside is going to decrease, the pressure on the inside is going to decrease, but the pressure on the outside stays the same.”

scienceWhat happens is the canister or glass will suction itself to your forehead. But there’s a warning, it will leave a mark for a short time.

Coming up in the next week is the Festival of Trains. Check out model train sets as well as some hands on activities.

Science Central’s Winter Break Science Camps are a great way to get out of the house, Fisher said. There are six different camps children can sign up for, including ones focused on sound, the planet and candy chemistry.

For pricing information on the various activities at Science Central, click here.

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