Prosecutors seek 12 year prison term for Jared Fogle

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Prosecutors are recommending that Jared Fogle be sentenced to 12 years in prison followed by lifetime supervised release after investigators say he had sexual encounters with children.

According to court documents, Fogle was engaged in two types of crimes involving children. In the first prosecutors say that Fogle viewed child porn that was obtained by Russell Taylor, which included child porn that was made in Indiana. The second crime states that between 2010 and February 2013 Fogle traveled to engage in sex acts with underage minors in other states.

Prosecutors don’t believe that Fogle had any involvement with making child porn videos.

Prosecutors say that initial evidence of the child porn investigation was recovered during a raid on Taylor’s home in Indianapolis. Investigators found hundreds of videos along with other incriminating evidence. Police later searched Fogle’s home and found child pornography.

According to Indiana State Police Cybercrime, an Indiana resident tipped police off to Taylor. During the search at Taylor’s home they found cell phone evidence linking Fogle to the criminal activity.

Court documents state, “The federal investigation of Taylor and Fogle in Indiana arose from this discovery, not information from persons in other states that was only received in Indiana after Taylor’s residential search in April 2015.”

During the investigation several search warrants and data were seized. Investigators say they did this so they could located every possible victim from the case.

In all around 5.6 terabytes of data was recovered including, several smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras flash drivers, CDs and DVDs. On the devices they went over 159,634 text messages, 27,140 emails, not including Taylor’s account, 47,623 images and 3,394 videos.

In 2011, Taylor began filming minors. He later began providing minors with drugs, alcohol and money to get them to participate in sex acts. Court documents say that Fogle didn’t participate in these actions. However, Fogle could have prevented them, court documents state. The documents also state that Fogle didn’t report Taylor because of his desire to see the children in the porn Taylor produced.

In 2010, Fogle began traveling to engage in sexual acts in other states, where he paid them for sexual acts in hotel rooms, documents state. During the raid on Fogle’s home in July investigators found that he would seek out minors through the internet.

During the investigation, witnesses from Florida, Georgia and Oregon were interviewed. Fogle confided in these individuals and told them he had engaged in sex acts with children. Two of the witnesses provided police with recordings of their encounters.

Fogle “sacrificed absolutely everything he had built – including his family – to engage in sexually explicit conduct with two minors. He emboldened a molester and a producer of child pornography,” prosecutors say in the documents. They say he did this even though he knew some of the people in the recordings that Taylor provided him with were children.

Prosecutors say for these reasons they will impose the 12 year sentencing. Fogle has also agreed to pay a total of $1,400,000 to 14 minors.

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