State evaluates clerk’s office following formal complaints

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The Indiana State Board of Accounts and the Allen County Prosecutor’s office have each received a complaint following controversy at the clerk’s office. As a result, an evaluation is underway to determine if employees’ actions warrant an investigation.

Colin Keeney, the former parking employee who started it all by capturing undercover videos filed a complaint to the prosecutor’s office about Sandy Kennedy, Angie Davis and Patricia Stahlhut, all of whom used to work at the clerk’s office. In his email, he requested an investigation, “…into the possible illegal activities that may have taken place inside the City Clerk’s office under Sandy Kennedy.” Keeney said that he believes he and other employees were negatively affected by actions of Kennedy, Davis and Stahlhut.

Another complaint by an unknown person, to the Indiana State Board of Accounts, references just Kennedy. However, according to the Director of Special Investigations and State Examiner, they could easily focus on more than just her.

The Board of Accounts contacted the prosecutor’s office and state police Monday and plans to contact the Secretary of State office. Entities will work together, looking at the location and time frame to decide whether details merit an investigation.

“Most of our investigations end up being joint investigations between the state board of accounts and outside law enforcement. There are lots of factors, whether the state police deemed it to be a worthwhile case and if the Allen County prosecutor’s office deems it to be a worthy case. There are a lot of factors before anybody can say it’s an active investigation,” Andy Shank, Director of Special Investigations of the Indiana State Board of Accounts said, “Often times, we don’t know the scope of what we’re getting into until we’re fully involved in the investigation. So, I would say, a conservative estimate would be that it would take several months for us to come to a concrete conclusion.”

The prosecutor’s office has forwarded the allegations to the Indiana State police. According to spokesperson Sergeant Ron Galaviz, because it deals with public officials, the police department has to follow a formal policy and is waiting for final approval to take the case on.

The evaluation and possibly investigation process is expected to begin sometime after tomorrow’s election and take at least a couple of months.

Officials with the board of accounts said time is no longer important because it’s already happened; what’s more important is making sure the process is correct.

Angie Davis’ name is still on the November ballot for city clerk. She released the following statement Monday afternoon, saying if elected, she plans to serve:

“Although I have stepped down from my position as Deputy Clerk, I am still in the race and running for the position of City Clerk. If elected I will serve in that position. Every vote counts, please remember to vote on Tuesday, November 3rd

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