The legend of the “woman in white” in West Central

The Main Street bridge where the "woman in white" is often seen.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The “Woman in White” has been a long-time resident in the West Central neighborhood. In fact, it’s said she’s been lingering across the Main Street bridge for nearly 150 years.

You’ve probably driven across the Bridge on Main Street that crosses over the St. Mary’s River in West Central. Perhaps you’ve even seen the woman who hangs around.

The legend dates back to when Fort Wayne was just a young city in the 1800’s. A woman in white was spotted walking across the bridge and out of nowhere she vanished. She was spotted several times and the newspaper at the time even had an article about her. There’s even tales of the woman appearing in a horse-drawn carriage racing through the neighborhood then disappearing when she reached the bridge.

To this day there are still tales of people seeing the Woman in White, but no evidence has surfaced.

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