The darker side of North Side High School

Image of North Side High School at night.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) North Side High School might seem like any other across the state, but when the students are gone spirits are said to walk the hallways.

The school was built in 1927. It’s one of the area’s oldest high schools with a long, storied past to go along with it. The legend of North Side High School being haunted dates back to before the school was even built. The land next to the St. Joe River is said to be an Indian burial ground. An Indian chief is said to advocated the land not be used for the school, but it was built anyway. To this day it’s said that he still haunts the sacred grounds where the school now sits.

Another story comes from when construction work was being done at the school. It’s said a construction worker was killed when part of the building he was working on collapsed on him. Since his death, it’s said his spirit still lingers around school grounds. Some workers have even reported seeing his ghost during renovations several years ago.

The school also said to be haunted by the soul of a former student. People said they see her walking the track in the gym early in the morning.

And finally, a longtime janitor reportedly died from a heart attack in the school’s basement. Since then maintenance staff have reported seeing the man walking the same halls he looked over for several years.

In all, four spirits are said to walk among the hallways with hundreds of students every day.

It’s hard to say what is true and what isn’t, but the legends have been told for years.

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