Mayor: Interim City Clerk resigns amid “inexcusable activities”

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Interim City Clerk Angie Davis has resigned from the embattled office, Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry announced late Thursday afternoon.

Former Interim City Clerk Angie Davis (Photo courtesy Angie Davis for City Clerk/Facebook)
Former Interim City Clerk Angie Davis (Photo courtesy Angie Davis for City Clerk/Facebook)

In a statement, Henry wrote that his office was informed at some point Thursday of “inexcusable activities by some employees of the City Clerk.”

Patty Stahlhut is the other employee that resigned. Stahlhut also works for Davis’s campaign. Henry would not explain what the “inexcusable activities” were.

The clerk’s office has been riddled with controversy after longtime former clerk Sandra Kennedy was taped undercover politicking for Davis’s campaign for clerk inside the office. Kennedy resigned days later citing health issues.

Now, the city will scramble to repair a tarnished office.

Initially, the Allen County Democratic Party scheduled a caucus for Sunday, Nov. 8 to elect a replacement for Kennedy. Now, though, Henry said state statute requires his office to appoint an interim City Clerk.

Henry said he has asked former City Councilman Don Schmidt to serve as Interim City Clerk in a “temporary capacity.” Schmidt will begin in the office immediately, Henry said.

“Don is a respected member of our community and a dedicated public servant,” said Henry. “I appreciate Don’s willingness to serve in this important role as we work together to meet the needs of our City.”

Davis will appear on the Nov. 3 ballot for City Clerk. It’s unclear at this point, though, if the Democrat will continue campaigning against Republican Lana Keesling, or if that push is over, as well. Essentially three things can happen. The first is Republican candidate Lana Keesling wins. If that occurs, Keesling would take over as City Clerk next year. The second outcome could be Davis winning the election and deciding to step down. The third possibility is Davis could win and be reinstated as City Clerk.

In response to Davis’s resignation, Harper said it’s time for the city to have a fresh start.

“Forty-three years of democrats in the Clerk’s spot and then an additional eight years of democrats in the mayor’s office, you know what Fort Wayne really needs is a fresh start,” Harper said.

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